ContactBook believes in
maintaining meaningful
connections, so we created the
address book that updates itself.

Why ContactBook?


Rapidly add people you meet and make a strong introduction with your ContactCard


Automatic updates ensure you always have each others’ latest contact details


Take control of your privacy by choosing which contact details
you share with whom, and change it at any time


With a single ContactID, all of your contact’s details are instantly available. Never again will you have to scan a business card or manually input everyone’s details


No duplications and no
outdated information.
Complete and tidy


Never lose your contacts – ContactBook automatically backs up your contacts, which are securely restored if you lose or upgrade your phone

Stay in Touch

ContactBook solves the problem of out of date, incomplete and duplicated contact information by automatically updating your address book and sharing your latest details with who you choose.

It’s the brand new communications app that’s revolutionising the way people stay in contact.

ContactBook helps you grow your network and build and maintain stronger relationships.

ContactBook - it’s the address book that updates itself.

How It Works

  • Your Profile

    Create your contact profile (which only you can see) by inputting all your contact information into different ContactCards for example: personal, work, private etc.

  • Add Contact

    Search for contacts using their name or unique ID, then chose what ContactCards you wish to share with them and send them a contact request.

  • Accept Contact

    Once your new contact accepts your request, their profile with their shared contact information will be added to your contact list - and automatically updated as it changes.

  • Dynamic Updates

    When you update your profile, ContactBook will ensure that your chosen contacts will instantly have your latest details. We’ll even send them a notification to let them know.

  • Sharing Information

    Click the “Shared” icon beside one of your ContactCards to see whom you’re sharing those details with; and simply select or unselect contacts from viewing that ContactCard.

  • ContactCard

    What if a contact is not yet registered on ContactBook? Not a problem! Send them a ContactCard by email from your profile, with the categories of information you wish to share.

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